Nabil Hasanin – “Dream Trip”

My name is Nabil, I am a pharmacist, from Syria. As you know there is a bad situation in my country. There is a civil war, for that reason I decided to move to a safer, nicer place. My uncle Walid asked me to come here (Connecticut, USA), “why not” I said, I hope to live there, so I applied for a visa. After 15 days I got the visa and I began my first visit to the USA.

I thought when I came here I would find high buildings, skyscrapers everywhere, and crowded roads. I was really surprised because all the cities except New York are county like, the houses consist only of one or two floors and quiet streets. Most people prefer driving to walking, and after the sunsets you will not see people walking in the road, that was strange for me.

Another thing is the weather, in my country we are used to seeing the snow once a year; I wondered what the color of the ground is, because the snow covered it for 3 months. I like the traffic system here. Everybody stops at stop signs and the drivers let people pass with a nice smile.

Another thing I like here is when you enter a store and somebody who entered before you, holds the door for you to enter. That’s very kind.

Finally I like the USA and I would like to get my family here and live in peace with the others.

Name: Nabil Hasanin

Country: Syria

Tutor: John Scalici and Melinda Karwon