Sharing is Caring

Sharing is Caring: From Our Students

Students from The Literacy Volunteers of Southern Connecticut are always eternally grateful to our role in their educational and life advancements. So, they write to us and share their stories about their life in America, their travels, their successes, and their challenges and how they’ve overcome them. We want to share their stories with you, too, because your support has made their new life possible!


  • Virginia Razzaq – What Milford Means To Me When I first decided to become an Au pair, I dreamed of cities like Miami, New York or Seattle. I received plenty of requests from families in San Francisco but it didn’t matter because I fell in love with my family here in Milford. Milford? Where is that? Connecticut? I didn’t even know that there was a state with that name. So when I first arrived here in September 2012, I was quite curious as to how different the east coast would be in comparison to the west coast, since I already knew what the northwest states were like. When I got to Milford, it just felt right. The weather was beautiful the day I got here – the sun was shining, the trees were all green and all I saw, when I arrived here in Milford, looked good to me. The next day I took Ryan (one of the twins ... Read more
  • Savun Zander – Life in the United States I like to live in the United States because I like the weather. I like to vacation together with my family. Last night I went to my English class party. It was a lot of fun. My son played with the other kids. The food was delicious. People brought many different foods. I made lo mein. Name: Savun Zander Country: Cambodia Tutor: Martha Salmon Read more
  • Nabil Hasanin – “Dream Trip” My name is Nabil, I am a pharmacist, from Syria. As you know there is a bad situation in my country. There is a civil war, for that reason I decided to move to a safer, nicer place. My uncle Walid asked me to come here (Connecticut, USA), “why not” I said, I hope to live there, so I applied for a visa. After 15 days I got the visa and I began my first visit to the USA. I thought when I came here I would find high buildings, skyscrapers everywhere, and crowded roads. I was really surprised because all the cities except New York are county like, the houses consist only of one or two floors and quiet streets. Most people prefer driving to walking, and after the sunsets you will not see people walking in the road, that was strange for me. Another thing is the weather, in my ... Read more