Sharing is Caring

Sharing is Caring: From Our Students

Students from The Literacy Volunteers of Southern Connecticut are always eternally grateful to our role in their educational and life advancements. So, they write to us and share their stories about their life in America, their travels, their successes, and their challenges and how they’ve overcome them. We want to share their stories with you, too, because your support has made their new life possible!

10 Angels

Some people believe in angels, others do not, and when I say angels, I do not only refer to the beings of light that have wings and golden aura, I also refer to ordinary people who, with their acts and their qualities full of love, combine to me in the so-called Angels that inhabit the earth.

I know three of them from the first moment I arrive in the world and I have had these angels always as unconditional support in all aspects of my life, mama, papa and Laura my sister are the angels that have helped me to evolve, love the life and they are my greatest happiness; They are the main angels in this story because without them you would not be reading, thanks to them and their efforts it became possible my move to this country and they are my motivation to make this experience the most enriching one I can have, and when I say enriching I do not I refer to the material because I think they are things that I can get anywhere I am, when I say enriching I refer to the discovery of the hidden treasure in my soul to find it I have to learn to know myself, my limits, my weaknesses, sadness and solitudes once I master these aspects I will understand that no matter where I am, I can choose to be an angel for someone else, give my love to the world and understand that everything has a purpose.

There are 4 more angels that are very important in this story, they are very hardworking angels, they are independent and just like everyone on the planet earth struggles every day to get ahead, each of them is different but they have one thing in common, the love they feel. the one on the other these angels have their own name uncle William, aunt Sandra, cousins Chris and Nataly a wonderful family that shelters me in their house and not only support me with having where to live they included me in their family nucleus and make me feel that I am part of her herd, I feel very loved and happy to share this experience with them and I feel very grateful because each one has their routine and even so they make me part of it, even though they work, they give a lot of their time. One’s time is the most valuable thing in life, and yet without expecting anything in return, they are making my experience even more fun, than it has been.

3 + 4 = 7, right? and the other angels? who are they?

Let’s meet my angel number 8, her name is Debbie “my boss” and maybe some when thinking about her bosses will not make a very nice face, but although some are not so perfect and sometimes we need a salary increase every 5 minutes ( not in my case) we have a lot to thank them, Debbie for me is an angel because I came to this country without knowing how to say a single word in English. I had never worked in restaurants so my experience in that kind of work was not the best and even so the woman who just met me gave me the opportunity to work. It is a 100% American restaurant, and so many people think it is absurd. How would have thought that someone who does not speak English in the slightest could work and pay excellent attention to the clients? Ironic truth? every day it happened, I realized that many people thought that, way there is a case of a man who sat down to wait for his meal with his wife and at that moment one of my co-workers asked me to bring them their food, I went to leave their food on the table and at that very moment the gentleman began to engage in a conversation with me and I was trying to tell him that I did not speak English, that my English was not good, in the end I said: -I’m sorry sir I do not understand, I don’t speak English.

He looked at me with a face that I cannot describe and then I look at his wife who looked much nicer than the gentleman and in front of me he said to his wife: -how can they hire such stupid people in a restaurant, if they can’t speak English! It’s stupid is it not? I kept my face confused so he would not realize that I was really understanding what he was saying to his wife, because it has always made it easier for me to understand English than to speak it, but I just smiled and I said: I’m sorry. and the lady with a very kind and compassionate face said: it’s fine sweet heart, thank you so much. I want to tell you about this event in my work. When a person such as Debbie believes in you and your abilities to do anything, it is a person who is opening a door that in many places would have closed in your face. She will not worry about how much she could lose by giving me this opportunity. She just thought that she should help and support me, that’s why the people who are willing to help selflessly and provide opportunities for others are called Angels on earth. They can see capacities where maybe there are none, they can see potential where sometimes there is not and they are positively marking each person they decide to help.

The angel number 9, knows who she is, because every time I have an opportunity, I tell her: YOU ARE AN ANGEL! and she just smiles. Linda McDonald, my English tutor, will surely blush when she reads her name in this story, yes dear teacher, not being the last one on my list is the least important. hopefully all Latinos or people in the world who need to learn English will stumble with you, I hope you know your patience and your perseverance, hopefully you will know your nobility, simplicity and kindness, only a person who is willing to help unconditionally and with all the dedication and love of the world is the best and clearest example that heaven on earth exists.

Thanks to all my angels for inspiring me to write these lines and thanks to the angels who have not yet arrived.

And you? How many angels do you have?

Lorena Cruz Tabares

Tutor: Linda McDonald

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