Literacy for Adults

The Literacy for Adults Program

Designed for ESOL (English for Students of Other Languages) pursuing basic literacy skills, U.S. Citizenship, and Higher Educational Opportunities.

The Literacy Volunteers of Southern Connecticut strives to provide you and your family with all the educational skills and life tools that you need to achieve your goals – for U.S. citizenship, for your GED degree or higher educational pursuits, and for employment opportunities so that you can adapt and merge more easily into American society. All of our LITERACY FOR ADULTS PROGRAMS are available to any adult (18 years and older) who resides in the Greater Milford, Stratford, Bridgeport, West Haven Area, and are free of charge.

Our trained volunteer tutors will focus on building your reading, writing, math, and computer skills. Please review all of our programs carefully and then call the Center to set up an appointment. We will discuss your needs in person before placement in our program.

Please note: The ESOL Program as well as Basic Literacy Program offer both group tutoring (in a classroom) or one-on-one (individual) tutoring scheduled at the convenience of the tutor and you. You may meet at the Center or at another location that’s convenient to both. Please decide which arrangement is more comfortable for you. Your enrollment in any of our programs at the Center will remain confidential.

Email for a 1-1 online tutor.

Register below for weekly ESL classes.  Try one or more.
Woman’s Class, 4:00 pm, Linda Newton (FULL)
Class is held on Google classroom.
Email to register for class at
ESL Conversation Zoom Class, 6:30 pm, (on hold)
Register in advance for this meeting:
Advanced ESL Class, 4:00 pm, Larry Knoll
Class is held inside at 16 Dixon St. in Room 3.
Email to register for class at
American Pronunciation Zoom Class, 6:00 pm, Mary Cotter
This class meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.
Register in advance for this meeting:
ESL Grammar Class, 9:00 am, Donna Rogers Jones
Register in advance for this meeting.
American Culture and Customs Class, On Hold
Register in advance for this class:
To watch classes on YouTube, click here.
The ESL Program

The ESOL Program

Our ESOL (English for Students of Other Languages) program focuses on English for those students who speak another language and are not native English speakers. It also includes Essay Writing and Basic Computer Skills. Conversation Groups weekly and available to all ESOL students.
The GED and Basic Literacy Program

The Basic Literacy Program

Our Basic Literacy Program helps students improve their reading, writing, and math skills. Call for an interview.
The Computer Education Program

The Computer Education Program

TBD- Our modern world is rooted in the computer so you need the skills. This program offers a hands-on computer class and workshop designed for individuals to learn basic computer skills and become comfortable with using computers for personal use. Our program also may increase your chances of gaining employment.