Volunteer Hours Report

Please submit your volunteer hours every month. This includes, tutor time, prep time, travel time, readers, meetings, events, etc.

This is why it is so important to submit.
1. It helps us keep track of who you are meeting with.  (Many changes occur monthly and with a limited staff of 1-3, I heavily rely on your input for tracking data)
2. It affects our funding!  If tutors do not reply time, why would someone want to support us?  It looks like we are not working with as many people as I say in my reports.  Funding this year is crucial to our progress!

3. It helps me to find better matches for our students who are coming in.  If I think you are matched with someone… but you are not, you could be a potential candidate for someone coming to the Center, but I don’t know.
4. We love to hear about accomplishments too! Please tell us when something good happens (and don’t forget the picture!)  I report on progress to Pro Literacy yearly.

Simply, I cannot do this alone and rely on your communication with me so we have good methods, classes, learning and data tracking.
Thank you for taking the time to look at your name below and sending me any info to keep us up to date.




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    Hours tutoring/volunteering/meetings/activities this month*:

    Prep hours*:

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    (for tutors) Challenger book lessons completed this month*:

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    Got a job or better jobImproved employable skillsGED or secondary diplomaEntered other education or trainingImproved standardized testAdvanced levels in curriculum seriesCitizenship/achieved citizenship skillsRegistered to vote/or votedObtained drivers licenseIncreased community activitiesIncreased children's educational activitiesAttained consumer skillsWellness and health lifestyleOther personal goalsRetained employmentEssay writing- BeginningsImproved conversational skills

    Share any new experiences, challenges, or comments that your student has had this month: