Volunteer Hours Report

Please submit your volunteer hours by the 10th of the month. This includes, tutor time, prep time, travel time, readers, meetings, events, etc.

We love to hear about accomplishments too! Please tell us when something good happens (and don’t forget the picture!)

Thank you! (This time is extremely important when requesting funds from our grants and donors. Thank you for being prompt with your submission.)



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Got a job or better jobImproved employable skillsGED or secondary diplomaEntered other education or trainingImproved standardized testAdvanced levels in curriculum seriesCitizenship/achieved citizenship skillsRegistered to vote/or votedObtained drivers licenseIncreased community activitiesIncreased children's educational activitiesAttained consumer skillsWellness and health lifestyleOther personal goalsRetained employmentEssay writing- BeginningsImproved conversational skills

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