Esperanza Castillo – My Life

My name is Esperanza Castillo, I am the last of six siblings Mari, Marco, Yanina, Edison, Mireya and me. I was born in Ecuador in a town called Puerto Quito, it is the northwest of the Province of Pichincha, this is where I went to school. After I finished, I went to live with my older sister to study College and University where I graduated with a Commercial Engineer in Quito. In between I worked in a supermarket as a cashier and in a pawn shop.

While in university I worked in the Bank Solidario. At this time I met Jose, got engaged had two daughters Leahn and Linnette which are now 5 and 3 years old. I then returned to live in my hometown at my in-laws while Jose worked in this country and hoped to get citizenship. The moment came in the year 2012 when, after a long wait we were able to travel to the United States and be able to finally live together.

Since August 2012 we live in this country, giving thanks to God because we are very happy. It gave me the opportunity to see my brother Marco who has been here 19 years without being able to return to my country. In May we received a visit from my sister Mireya who for 13 years lived in Zaragoza, Spain. She was here three weeks and we could share time with my family and my brother Marco. After that she traveled to Ecuador to visit my mother and my brothers.

Now I’m happier because my mom came in July for the first time to this country to visit, she is staying for two months, we plan to visit many places. I hope the time goes by slow because my mom has to go back in two months and I will be sad.

Name: Esperanza Castillo

Country: Ecuador

Tutor: Valerie Yergeau