Online Tutor Training

Welcome to LVSCT’s Online Tutor Training page.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer tutor for adult immigrants.

New tutors- Please contact the Center before moving forward in the program.  You must fill out a volunteer application.  Email

-Once you are enrolled in a class, stop by the Center to pick up your tutor bag.  It includes the tutor training manual, tutor book and sample newspapers.
-If you are unable to come in to the Center, download the 5 week Tutor Training Manuals and watch the  Weekly Videos, as well as continuing tutor education videos.
-Further email instruction will come from the Center weekly. This will help with your placement with a student.

Tutor Training Manual doc, Week 1

Welcome and thank you for becoming a volunteer tutor.  We will talk more about tutor commitment, who is the ESL learner and what do you need to teach.


Week 1 video with Betty Gerner




Tutor Training Manual doc, Week 2

Week 2 you will visit a class!  You will learn about lesson planning and the beginner student.




Week 2 video with Betty Gerner





Tutor Training Manual doc, Week 3

Week 3 you will learn about the intermediate student.  We will talk about drills with variations and assessing your student skills.  You will get your student assignment.



Week 3 video with Betty Gerner





Tutor Training Manual doc, Week 4

Week 4 is about the advanced student.  We will dive into verb tenses, contractions and parts of speech.




Tutor Training Manual doc, Week 5

Week 5 talks about idioms, language experiences and writing.
Tutoring is an ongoing learning experience for both tutor and student.  Have fun and if you need any help, call the office!  We are here to help you!



Continuing Education for Tutors- Watch and learn ways to improve your teaching experience.

“Teaching Online: An Overview” with Tim O’Sullivan




“What it takes to learn a language” with Tim O’Sullivan

We will talk about how big the task really is, what the student and the teacher
are getting themselves into, what it takes to finish, and various methods that have produced results in the past.


“Systems of Online Education” with Tim O’Sullivan

Listen to a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of established and emerging education methods.



“Teaching English Pronunciation” with Tim O’Sullivan

Literacy Volunteers of Southern Connecticut address one of the most prominent and fascinating features of English — Pronunciation. You will learn about the characteristics of English pronunciation, as well as seven useful techniques to make the explanation to a learner fun and easy!

These techniques are: Vowel Meter, Listen and Adjust, Sound Blending, Sound Mechanics, Tongue Work, Rhythm Chop, Stress Wave

“Four Derivative Word Types”
with Tim O’Sullivan




“Test Taking” with Tim O’Sullivan