Virginia Razzaq – What Milford Means To Me

When I first decided to become an Au pair, I dreamed of cities like Miami, New York or Seattle. I received plenty of requests from families in San Francisco but it didn’t matter because I fell in love with my family here in Milford. Milford? Where is that? Connecticut? I didn’t even know that there was a state with that name.

So when I first arrived here in September 2012, I was quite curious as to how different the east coast would be in comparison to the west coast, since I already knew what the northwest states were like. When I got to Milford, it just felt right. The weather was beautiful the day I got here – the sun was shining, the trees were all green and all I saw, when I arrived here in Milford, looked good to me. The next day I took Ryan (one of the twins I’m taking care of) for my own little Milford discovery walk. I remember walking past downtown to the duck pond and along the water – it was beautiful. I just loved it. It gave me a cozy feeling.

Although socializing and going out in my first year was quite impossible (since I was still 20 years old) I had plenty of time to discover the beauty of Milford. Since I’m from Berlin, Germany, I don’t really get the chance to enjoy the ocean, so I really appreciate Milford, because I can go on walks along the beaches, go to Charles Island and enjoy sunsets next to the water.

I also like the charm Milford conveys. It sometimes even reminds me of European villages. When I finally turned 21 in June of last year, Milford got even more attractive to me. Socializing became all of a sudden so simple. Downtown Milford’s nightlife is the perfect mix from enjoying cocktails to dancing next to the water. Colony Grill’s outside bar and Indigo’s deck by the water are just places you need to check out during the summer. Also Citrus is a great spot to be. When you get to Citrus, you really should try the “Mad Monkey Margarita” – it’s delicious. I just love getting together with my friends and enjoying myself. Milford is really a great spot to do that.

Since I really love to discover new places, Milford really is perfectly located with its train station not even a 10 minute walk away from my house. A nonstop 1 ½ hour train ride straight to Grand Central Station makes it quick and easy for me to get to one of the world’s most exciting metropolises – New York City.

A girl’s shopping heart doesn’t need to suffer in Milford at all. A nice sized mall, Westfield Post Mall, is located nearby. Stores like H&M, Express, Forever 21 and Victoria’s Secret get a girl’s shopping fix satisfied.

Last year in September I flew back to Europe to visit my family and friends, but when I got back to Milford, I felt like I got back home. Beautiful beaches, nice trails with great trees and all their beautiful colors welcomed me back.
Although people might think that Milford is a little village – to me it’s a place filled with beauty and character – to me it’s home.

Student: Virginia Patricia Razzaq

Country: Germany

Tutor: Phyllis Gwatkin