LCoM November E-News


A Class Field Trip

On a sunny Sunday in October, the Monday evening Literacy Class went back in time to the 17th century by visiting The Eels-Stowe House on High St. in Milford. A guided tour was conducted by  The Milford Historical Society explaining what daily life was like back then.

Students Weifeng Li, Magnolia Vargas and her family shared the 17th century through commentary and artifacts. Here is Magnolia’s story of that magical visit.

With my Literacy Center Class, My family and I went on a field trip to The Eels-Stow House on Sunday with my husband Arafelian, my daughter Marianela.  The Eels-Stow house is a historic house, located in Milford, CT. It is considered to be the oldest house in this town. Through the years, it has been transformed into a historic museum; where visitors can appreciate the original furniture and the old structure.  There is something in particular, the windows are very small, it avoided cold weather getting into the house, and also due to this, the owner paid less taxes.  The structure frame of the house is made of wood and the house has fireplaces in all rooms. The family used the fireplace to keep warm during the winter time. At night, a half hour before going to bed, the wife used a bed warmer. She had to heat it in the fireplace usually by warming a brick and then put it under the the sheets to warm the bed. Another interesting thing was that the family didn’t take a bath every day and when they did, they took turns, Dad first, children second and mom the last one.

We learned many things, my husband Arafelian, was impressed knowing that George Washington was there, and had walked on the outdoor back steps so long ago. (The steps were from another Milford location) My daughter Marianela liked the small wooden crib. She could see how people lived on that time, she told me; “mami I am happy to have the life that we have now, with all my toys and my nice furniture”. What impressed me was the way they lived without heat. 
For us it was very great to visited the Eeels-Stowe House, We had a good experience there and we now realize that we are blessed living with modern conveniences.
Magnolia Vargas

Above, Weifeng Li, Magnolia Vargas and her family stand
where George Washington once stood.

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 Local Author, Dave Gregory recently published “On the Cellar Door“.  This book has very humble origins.  It grew as his children grew. Once his kids could read, a sign would go up on the cellar door around Thanksgiving.  The original signs were simple orders, KEEP OUT.  Somewhere along the line, he started to expand on this theme and would write a little poem, ending with a dire warning for any unauthorized person who thought to cross the threshold. 

All that Goes with Winter” includes stories and poems that help portray Dave’s love/hate relationship with the winter season.  In this section, you’ll be reminded of joyous preparations and fond memories of the Christmas season, and the short days and long nights of cold that follow until spring finally makes it a thing of the past.

Books are for sale at the Literacy Center for $25.00.  Proceeds from the books will be donated to the Literacy Center, Milford Historical Society and First Church.


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