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In addition to the paper copy of Notebook that we receive in the office, you can download the most recent issues in PDF format below. Related teaching materials are also available for download to members.

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Elizabeth Claire has a web site that offers great information about holidays, current events, tests and games.  We have newspepers in the office.  If you would like one, give us a call to reserve a copy.
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Goal setting with your student-

Goal setting with students can serve two important purposes:

1) It helps students focus on what they want to get out of their classroom learning (or life in general), and
2) It helps teachers determine what they need to teach so students can reach those goals.

There are some challenges with goal setting in the adult classroom, however. Many times, the goals that students talk about initially are vague (e.g., “I want to learn English,” “I want to learn to read”). Other times, a goal might seem so far-reaching that students can become discouraged.  Read more on page 8, Notebook, Winter 2011.